Azienda Agricola Naturalmente - who we are

We love growing aromatic herbs and medicinal plants in our family run farm… as a passion for environment and farming first!

How our products grow

Confezione regaloWe grow our plants and herbs at Monte di Mezzocorona (Mezzocorona Mountain), which is more than 900 a.s.l. mt high. We follow their natural rythms and pick them when they are in their balsamic moment, which means when their active ingredient is at its maximun level.

At that time, we dry our herbs and plants by keeping their aroma, colouring and active properties intact and effective. That is how our infusions and cosmetics are made. Our farming method is a manual one – we do not use any machinery, just our own hands! We avoid using chemical agents and we are engaged in saving biodiversity of environment, by growing many different kinds of plants and adopting crop rotation.

partner strada mela saporiNaturalmente joins ‘Strada della Mela’ Club (the Apples’ Way).



Azienda Agricola "Naturalmente"
di Schgraffer Michele
Via Ciasal, 3 - 38010 Quetta di Campodenno (TN)
Trentino - Italia
P. IVA: 02264760220


Tel: Michele 328 098 7219
       Patrizia 328 0571796

Email: info@naturalmente.tn.it

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